Royal Gorge Bridge, Canon City, Colorado

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I know it has taken a me little while to get this page going, but it is finally here. Another 'work in progress'! Listed here are some favorite sites. Check them out. I think you will enjoy them.

While I was checking out the company that created the Volcano Man web site, I also found these sites:

G. Brad Lewis - Volcano Photographer - LavArt
Kailua Candy Company - Yum!
I made a slideshow from photographs we captured during our visit to the Big Island. You may view it here. Be aware the file size is around 2 megabytes. If you have a dialup connection and are connected at 56 K, it will take a few minutes to download the file before you are able to view it. Windows Media Player is required for viewing it.
The photos from the Big Island Air Tour trip are now here:


Last Updated: Sunday, June 05, 2005