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Wildlights - Denver Zoo
If you want to see any of the previous photographs that were on this front page, you will find them here.
The redesign of my site is taking way longer than I originally anticipated. A portion of it is done, but I am still working on a different way to show photographs. If you want to have a look, you will find it here. Until I get that completed, I am placing my photographs and slideshows on my blog.

You may view some photographs of our trip here. We still have a few more days here so I expect there will be a second page with more photographs.  Stay tuned! I made a panorama of our beach as well as Pearl Harbor as seen from the monorail that goes between Uptown and Downtown at the Pearlridge shopping center. Click here for the beach and here for Pearl Harbor.

Aloha!! We made it back to Makaha on the island of Oahu to stay at the Hawaiian Princess. This sunset was captured from the lanai off our apartment on our second day. I also made a quick video. The small version (WMV format) is just over 725 KB. The large version (MPG format) is just under 150 MB. Both videos have the sound of the waves on the beach. Enjoy!

And as if that wasn't enough ... Here is another version of a single page calendar. Just like the other one, you can download this one and open it with Adobe Reader. Once in Adobe Reader, you should be able to print it and hang it up on your fridge!


Clever, eh? Ellen saw a group of people staring up into a tree a few blocks from our house. Thankfully, she was curious enough to ask what was occupying their interest. Apparently there are 2 baby owls in the tree. The parents are flying around somewhere. Click on the photo above to view some of the photos taken of them. The last one is one of the parents on a rooftop. Since the owls only came out after sunset, there is not a great amount of light for the photographs. I brightened some of them in order to get a better view of the owls. I hope you enjoy them. If you are unable to view the Flash version of the owls, you can view a non-Flash version here.

Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!!

On Friday, 21 April, 2006, we went to the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center. As this is an educational facility and not a display facility, not all of the animals they have are available for viewing, although you are able to walk over the tiger and lion areas. You might be able to borrow binoculars to see the animals. On our visit, we saw tigers, mountain lions, leopards, lions, a camel, an emu, and bears. There is an area for wolves, but you cannot visit it. They are situated in Hudson, which is away from any highly populated areas. Hudson is located near Barr Lake. There is a map to the Sanctuary on their site. Of course, we did take some photographs.

Wow! I seen it's been some time since I've updated my site. Another trip to the zoo allowed me to get more photographs of the animals. Have a look here. I also created a calendar for March that has one of the photographs from this latest set. If you'd like one, feel free to download and print it. It is a .PDF file which needs Adobe Reader to open it. If you'd like one with a different photograph, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

Addison and I took a trip up to South Dakota during the middle of July, 2005. Here are some photo of that trip. You might also notice that I updated the banner at the top of my pages with a photograph I took in Lost Springs, Wyoming.

The Hawaii 2004 page has a few more shopping links: Crazy Shirts and Hilo Hatties. Both are places that definitely say "Hawaii" to me. Aloha!

Some of the photographs from my visit to the Denver Zoo on Thursday May 26, 2005 may be found here. If you have any problems viewing the horizontal version, you can viewing the web page as Full Screen. Press F11 to go to Full Screen mode. To return to your usual viewing, press F11 again..

1and1, my web host company, has made Dynamic Content available. I'm just starting to incorporate that content into my site. Have a look here for some initial pages.

We found a new program, Corel Painter, that allows you to do a number of interesting things. One of them is being able to turn a photograph into a watercolor printing. Check out the original, my version, and one done with a Photoshop watercolor filter. You will find all of these on the Retouch page.

In case you hadn't noticed, a few changes were made to my site. The banner at the top has a new photograph that was taken from the tram that runs along the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado. I'll eventually make a page with some photos from that trip. Also, the REFS page has been changed to RETOUCH as it now contains some of the retouching I've done with Photoshop on some photographs.

Addison and I took an overnight trip to Canon City, Colorado at the end of March, 2005. While we were there, we were able to see Cheyenne the wolf and some of her friends. You can view some of the photos here. You may now (finally) also check out the second page of photos, which contains photos of a couple of the other wolves.

Here are some of the photos of our trip to Maine at the end of October, 2004. Have a look here.

You may still view the Kenosha Pass page.

Have a look at a couple of photographs I took during the lunar eclipse.

You may still check out the Hawaii 2004 page for photos of the Big Island Air Tour as well as some interesting links. Aloha!

July 2006 Calendar
Rocky Mountain Cancer Center
Colorado Pink Plates is an initiative started by a group of individuals who desparately want to see an end to breast cancer!

Check out their web site by clicking on the license plate below

Colorado Pink Plate
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